Make money with your own apps

Build your app empire from scratch

Imagine if you could create your own versions of the most popular apps and games on the play store, be it a live wallpaper app, a 2d platformer game, or even your own 3D talking tom clone, in just a few clicks.

Using AppyGEN's simple yet powerful interface, anyone can create high quality apps and games that can effectively compete with the best indie apps & games available on the market.

Moreover, AppyGEN is not just an app builder, it's also a real-time interactive training on how to create, publish & market profitable apps, scroll down to learn more about that.

Learn the secrets to building profitable apps

Since making profitable apps is more than just the building part, we also provide you with an interactive training specifically designed to assist you in building a recurring monthly income from your own apps & games.

A new fun way to learn and earn

We've re-designed your dashboard into a gamified experience tailored to your specific needs, and carefully crafted every step of the way that leads to building and growing a profitable app business.
In other words : When you finish the game, we guarantee your business will be bringing in at least $ 1.000/Month in ad revenue.

AppyGEN automatically calculates your progress in your journey and as you move up the levels, you will start earning more and more from your apps after each level, and at the same time you'll learn plenty of practical information on how profitable apps are built.

To help you stay motivated, you get rewarded with a new badge and a new rank everytime you finish a level, there's also a leader board where you can compete with other members.

Last but not least, for every mission on your journey, there is a step by step guide to show you exactly what you need do to in order to complete the mission. We also provide one-on-one support to all our customers, all you have to do is ask.

Level 1 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 0.00/Day

Level 2 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 0.00/Day

Level 3 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 1.00+/Day

Level 4 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 2.00+/Day

Level 5 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 6.00+/Day

Level 6 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 15.00+/Day

Level 4 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 30.00+/Day

Level 5 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 50.00+/Day

Level 5 Badge

Projected Earnings :
$ 100.00+/Day

Everything you need to succeed

Here at AppyGEN we made it our mission to provide you with everything you need to build & grow your own app business from scratch.

App Builder

No need to install anything on your computer, build Android apps without leaving your browser

Gamified Training

Learn to build your app business from scratch in a new fun way

20+ Native Templates

Access all existing and upcoming app & game templates

Direct Monetization

Monetize your apps and get paid directly on your Admob account

Unlimited Push Notifications

Boost user engagement and cross promote your apps with targeted push notifications

AppyGEN Academy

Learn everything about the app business with our 30+ academy lessons

App Analytics

Keep track of traffic for all your apps and games in real time

App Plugins

Give your apps some superpowers with the AppyGEN plugins

Niche Research Tool

Discover untapped niches and new keywords for your apps

Untapped Niches Database

Browse through the thousands of untapped niches previously found by other users

Leader board

Compete with other users in the leader board and get rewarded for your progress

One-on-One support

Get your own human app-guru to help you grow your business