Build your app empire from scratch

Imagine if you could create your own versions of the most popular apps and games on the play store, be it a live wallpaper app, a 2d platformer game, or even your own 3D talking tom clone, without writing a single line of code, in just a few clicks.

Using AppyGEN's App Builder, anyone can create high quality apps and games that can effectively compete with the best indie apps & games available on the market.

In fact, AppyGEN is the only app building software capable of creating 100% native apps out of the box, using the same technology a professional developer would use.
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App Builders, so much confusion, so many overpriced tools

You've scoured the web for something designed for you...Software that allows you to create beautiful apps and entertaining games that smartphone users actually want to install and use.

Maybe you've tried one of the big app builder players and you're exhausted with their HTML5 templates that make your apps look like a website from 1995.

Or maybe you're not even aware that most app builders do not actually allow you to make apps, instead they help you make a mobile site packaged into an app.

You can see all those apps on the play store with millions of downloads and you know you can do better with the right tools and guidance; from simple apps & games like puzzles, kids games and video apps to more advanced stuff like live wallpapers and 2D/3D games.
But the available solutions only allow you to make plain static apps, only good for restaurants and small businesses looking to get more online presence.

If you're looking to make REAL money with your own apps and games, you're going to love AppyGEN.

All the training and support you need to succeed in your journey

Since making profitable apps is more than just building the apps, we also provide you with an interactive training specifically designed to assist you in building a recurring monthly income from your own apps & games.

Follow our step-by-step training to build your app business from zero to a steady stream of revenue, while having fun and competing with other users in the leader boards.